My Baby

Here we are at the take out. I love this little boat. Its a fiberglass ( Sawyer "Goldenglass" ) 1987 Sawyer Summersong with only 10,000 actual miles! For those who may not be acquainted with solo canoes, it has a single center seat and very little room for gear. It is scary to paddle in anything but calm, flat water but tracks like a racer and is plain fun to paddle. It was my first boat and although it was really too advanced for a novice, I found the advice of canoeing guru, Cliff Jacobson to be true: The best way to become a good paddler is to buy a solo!

This little guy is 15'4'' long, 22'' wide at the gunwales, and only 11" high at the beam. Its pretty small by today's standards. For comparison, I have a newer solo kayak that is nearly four feet longer!